A list of early supports who enthusiastically support Adam’s candidacy is below:


  • Aditi Datta, Winooski resident

  • Aidan Doherty, Burlington resident

  • Alex Bunton and Britta Johnson, Charlotte residents

  • Anne Bemis, Burlington resident

  • Annie Graziano, Burlington resident

  • Asfar Basha, South Burlington resident

  • Bill Keogh, Former Burlington City Council President

  • Brian Pine, Burlington City Councilor

  • Chad and Polly Mangan, Burlington residents

  • Chip Mason, Burlington City Councilor

  • Chris Dubin, Burlington resident

  • Colin Hilliard, Burlington resident

  • Craig Mitchell, Winooski resident

  • Derek Lodimier, Burlington resident

  • Eric Covey, Former Winooski City Councilor

  • Franklin Paulino, Burlington City Councilor

  • Hannah King, Burlington resident

  • Jabulani Gamache, Burlington Police Commissioner


  • Jane Knodell, Former Burlington City Council President

  • Jillian Scannell, Burlington resident

  • Joan Shannon, Former Burlington City Council President

  • Julia Shannon-Grillo, Burlington resident

  • Karen Paul, Burlington City Councilor

  • Katharine Montstream, Burlington resident

  • Kaylie Haberstroh, Winooski resident

  • Kevin Pounds, Burlington resident

  • Nick Dube, South Burlington resident

  • Noel Donellan, Burlington resident

  • Owen Doherty, Burlington resident

  • Richard Deane, Former Burlington City Councilor

  • Ryan Nick, Burlington resident

  • Sam Tolstoi, Burlington business owner

  • Sarah Carpenter, Burlington City Councilor

  • Scott Doherty, Winooski resident

  • Sharon Bushor, Former Burlington City Council President

  • Sina Eren, Burlington business owner


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