Key Issues 

Environmental Action

Making Vermont the national leader in environmental action by transitioning the State’s vehicle fleet to electric, protecting access to clean air and clean water, and investing in our green economy.

Investing in Education

Prioritizing investments in our public schools and ensuring that more dollars are getting directed to teachers in our classrooms and expanding access to job training for the trades.

Senior Tax Relief

Supporting our seniors on fixed incomes with the tax relief they deserve.

Health Care

Pushing health care reform that gives Vermonters access to better coverage, Paid Family Leave, and Universal Primary Care.

Justice Reform

Driving forward criminal justice reform from our policing to our prisons and everything in between with a focus on ensuring equitable justice under the law for all.

Economic Recovery

Championing expedient and equitable economic recovery for small businesses and their workers by creating a Vermont Small Business Recovery Council and establishing a Small Business and Workforce Recovery Fund.

Constituent Service

Revolutionizing constituent services so every neighbor has a strong voice in our communities and in government. 

Local Agriculture

Supporting Vermont agriculture and our small farmers by promoting community scale agriculture and local food systems.

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