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Our campaign is powered by a dedicated team committed to connecting with tens of thousands of Vermonters. 

Hannah King, Campaign Manager

My name is Hannah King and I’m a rising junior at the University of Vermont where I study Community and International Development and Ecological Agriculture. I’m passionate about supporting my neighbors by prioritizing our local communities and ensuring they’re engaged in the democratic process. In order to do this it’s critical all Vermonters are supported and represented.


I have been involved with Emerge Vermont, an organization that supports women in politics, and am a member of the Steering Committee for the Ward 8 Neighborhood Planning Association in Burlington. While Adam served on the Burlington City Council we collaborated on issues ranging from environmental action to expanding youth voter engagement. I am supporting Adam Roof for State Senate because he has proven he has the integrity and drive to fight for ordinary Vermonters in Montpelier.

Anna Marie Gewirtz, Finance Director

With over 20 years of experience in fundraising, arts, cultural and educational institutions, Anna Marie Gewirtz most recently served as the Executive Director of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. Previously she held roles as Acting President and CEO and Chief of External Affairs at State Theatre New Jersey and Director of Individual Giving at Liberty Science Center. In 2017, she was honored with the “Outstanding Professional Fundraiser Award” by the Association of Fundraising Professionals NJ. Gewirtz was one of 5 marketing professionals to receive the NJBIZ “40 Under 40” Award and was also honored by Leading Women Entrepreneurs in 2017. Gewirtz received an MBA from Rutgers Business School, a Bachelors in Music and Political Science from Rutgers College, and graduated from Juilliard Pre-College. She has held a CFRE (certified fund raising executive) credential since 2011. She lives in South Burlington with her husband, Michael, and two children, Autumn and Julianna.

Sara Bisantz, Voter Engagement Coordinator 

My name is Sara Bisantz, I’m a senior at the University of Vermont studying political science and philosophy - with the goal of attending  law school after I graduate. I’d like to study either criminal defense or civil rights law!. In a time like 2020 our communities need elected leaders who not only understand, but respect the communities they represent. We need leaders focused on reforming our criminal justice system and protecting the sustainable landscape of Chittenden County.  I am proud to support Adam Roof for State Senate because he leads with intention and conviction. I’m confident when elected he will lead on and enact real reforms through policy proposals that work for generations of Vermonters now, and later.

Owen Doherty, Voter Engagement Coordinator 

My name is Owen Doherty and I am a rising Senior at the University of Vermont studying Political Science & History. I'm passionate about education reform and supporting candidates that create realistic solutions. I've served as President of UVM College Democrats, Vice President of the Student Government Association, and Vice President of Philanthropy of Pi Kappa Alpha. In my spare time I enjoy ice cream, reading, and being outdoors. I've know Adam for years and have worked on multiple campaigns for and with him. I'm supporting Adam because he has proven that he can get things done with a broad coalition of legislators while working closely with his constituents. 

Michael Reinhardt, Voter Engagement Coordinator 

My name is Michael Reinhardt and I am a rising senior at UVM majoring in political science with minors in Spanish and Chinese. I became interested in politics during the 2015 primaries and decided to study in Burlington because of its unique progressive political history and the abundance of opportunities to get directly involved in the process. I am most interested in foreign policy, common sense gun reform, and community development but more broadly in electing leaders who use the full forces of government to improve the lives of their constituents. That’s why I’m supporting Adam. He’s a proven pragmatic leader with a record of getting things done and making a positive impact in the community, which is exactly what we need in Montpelier during this most difficult and defining moment.

Sophia Leggio, Voter Engagement Coordinator 

My name is Sophia Leggio and I’m a senior studying Political Science and Economics with a minor in Public Communications at UVM. My political passions are gender and racial equality, environmental sustainability, and access to universal health care. I’m supporting Adam because his diverse background makes him better equipped to handle the unique and systemic issues that we’re dealing with today. We need someone in government who knows what it means to be an active member of the community and understands its needs - that’s Adam.  

Kaylie Haberstroh, Voter Engagement Coordinator 

My name is Kaylie Haberstroh, and I am a recent graduate of the University of Vermont, where I studied Environmental Studies and Political Science. I am particularly passionate about the government's role in combating climate change and ensuring sustainable and just development in our communities. I am supporting Adam for State Senate because I have known him to be a responsive and inclusive public servant. Adam is dedicated to his constituents in a way that I have not seen from most other politicians - and I am confident he will fight for all Vermonters in Montpelier.  

Madeline King, Voter Engagement Coordinator 

My name is Madeline King and I am going into my senior year of high school. I’m passionate about ensuring all of our community members are supported and protected regardless of skin color, religion, citizenship status, sexual identity or gender. I also see the detrimental effects of the current climate crisis we are living in - and want to work to push climate conscious policy. I’m supporting Adam because I trust his leadership, judgement, and ability to bring people into the political process regardless of age and experience.

Taylor Huckaby, Voter Engagement Coordinator 

My name is Taylor Huckaby, and I spent most of my undergraduate education at Middlebury College. I recently finished my degree in Political Science with a minor in history. I became interested in politics during President Obama's inaugural campaign and was spurred into action by the vitriol he and his candidacy were met with in my hometown. I am most interested in common sense gun control, the right of women to choose, and combating the erosion of ethics and decency in the political landscape. It feels as though amidst the divisive landscape, we have lost something far more precious than we can fully understand. That's why I'm supporting Adam. He is a truly decent man and a pragmatic leader, exactly the type of person I believe will best represent the community's interests in Montpelier.

Carly Henderson, Voter Engagement Coordinator 

My name is Carly Henderson and I am a rising senior in high school. I am a community organizer for the Black Lives Matter movement and am passionate about criminal justice reform, environmental action, and women's rights. I’m supporting Adam because I believe he has what it takes to fight for all Vermonters in Montpelier. He has continually proven he leads with intention, and has the ability to make real change, through his work on the Burlington City Council, and as a dedicated community member.  

Owen Sette-Ducati, Voter Engagement Coordinator 

My name is  Owen Sette-Ducati and I’m a rising senior majoring in Political Science at the University of Vermont. I’m originally from Massachusetts, and I enjoy climbing, cliff jumping, working and skiing in my free time. Political issues that I’m passionate about include education funding and equality, eliminating the school-to-prison pipeline, restructuring our prison system, fostering small business growth, and environmental issues. I’m supporting Adam Roof for State Senate because I believe his experience working on Burlington City Council as well as his professional background leading BTV ignite is very applicable in regards to economic recovery due to COVID-19. Adam’s got his ear to the ground on a lot of issues, and his approach towards education investment and expanding training for jobs in the trades is something that really drew me to his campaign.

Aiden Dorerty, Voter Engagement Coordinator 

My name is Aidan Doherty,  I'm a rising senior at the University of Vermont with a degree in Political Science, minoring in Public Policy Analysis and Speech & Debate. On campus, I served in the leadership of the Student Government and College Democrats while competing with UVM's Lawrence Debate Union. My work in Vermont politics includes Adam's City Council campaigns, the VPIRG Summer Canvass, Rebecca Holcombe's campaign for Governor, and Scott Pavek's campaign for State Representative. I've been lucky to know Adam since I first arrived in Burlington and have been constantly impressed by his ability to understand both problems and solutions. While he's no stranger to community building and connecting with his neighbors, it's always been his commitment to building policy that actually helps people. Oh, and one more thing, I'll be selling ice cream with the Mr Ding-A-Lings trucks here in Vermont, so if you see me one summer day make sure to get a Choco Taco (and don't forget to tip!)  

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