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I’m running for State Senate because the most important things to the basic well being of our communities are under attack. This pandemic, the economic fallout, and the systemic issues that are being magnified by the crisis, are putting at risk the physical health and future potential of every Vermonter and it’s impacting the ability for tens of thousands to provide for themselves and their families. 

These are extraordinary times. We need elected leaders with the right guiding values and who are equipped with a diverse skill set to face our shared challenges head on. 

I spent 5 years on the Burlington City Council leading on a wide range of issues, including: economic and community development, housing affordability, homelessness, climate action, equity and inclusion, education, public safety, policing policy, voters rights, and more. This role also taught me the importance of responsibly managing budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars funded by a burdened tax-base. 

Professionally, I head up BTV Ignite, a nonprofit with a mission of fostering innovation through technology, aiding small businesses, and supporting workers who have historically been left behind. During this time of crisis my focus has been on bringing to bear resources of leading business, educational, and government institutions to make small businesses resilient and supporting innovative workforce development programs. This sort of cross-sector collaboration will be critical as we recover from the fallout of this pandemic. 

I grew up in a family supported by small businesses. As someone who has both started and managed multiple small businesses myself, I understand the difficulties of making ends meet, doing right by employees, and also the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. Small businesses and their workers are the backbone of not just our local economies, but our communities.       

We need elected representatives who are thoughtful, straightforward, and purposeful. As State Senator, I would make decisions and set priorities with the goal of setting Vermont not just on a path toward expedient recovery, but towards new found prosperity.

- Adam Roof

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